Double Dutch Dad Goes Gaga!

It was a busy week for the Double Dutch Dad, Bill Bloom! During their spring concert last Sunday, the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale debuted the orchestrated version of his song “Everybody Shines!” which has quickly become a choir favorite. Later in the week, he accompanied songwriter Cynthia Biggs to the Big Apple where they attended some industry events and mingled with a slew of music industry heavyweights including Lady Gaga’s manager! Subsequently, Dad privately offered his Double Dutch Daughters  some words of wisdom about the music biz and his experience in NYC this week. I asked him to share his thoughts with the world. So, in honor of Father’s Day, my father is appearing as a guest blogger this weekend! I couldn’t be more thrilled. Th-izzanks, D-izzad! H-izzappy F-izather’s D-izzay! F’shizzle.


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